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Introducing the newly redesigned Diedrich D-25 D! Designed with a new powertrain and improved control panel, this drill has been engineered to deliver the most production using the smallest possible footprint.

If you're looking for a drill that is compact, lightweight and has the ability to auger, soil sample and core with restrictive clearance drilling capability, look no further!

INTRODUCING : D-25 D All Purpose Drill Rig For Shallow Exploration View More Information & Compare To Other Rigs Here!
Slide Diedrich Drill D-50 Drill Rig

The D-50 is Diedrich's premiere, all-purpose drill rig for the environmental and geotechnical drilling inudstry. With up to 9,000 ft lbs of spindle torque, it can power through most any job!

Diedrich d-50 High Torque, Heavy Duty, All-Purpose Drill Rig View More Information & Compare To Other Rigs Here!

You asked, we delivered. Big power with a compact footprint. This drill has been designed from the ground up to provide the ideal combination of all-terrain mobility and drilling performance.

The D-70 boasts an industry leading track system, a robust rotary drive with all the options you need, all connnected by a heavy duty frame that is ready to work!

INTRODUCING : D-70 High Torque, heavy Duty, All-Purpose View More Information & Compare To Other Rigs Here!

The D-90 is a large, heavy-duty multi-purpose drill rig used for soil and rock sampling for both geotechnical, exploration and environmental investigations using augers, mud rotary or core drilling tools.

With various mounting and drill options available, the D-90 is one versatile drill Rig.

Diedrich d-90 Heavy Duty, High Capacity, All-Purpose Drill Rig View More Information & Compare To Other Rigs Here!

The D-120 is a large, heavy-duty, high power, multi-purpose drill rig. This drill has earned a reputation as a powerhouse in the geotechnical, exploration & environmental drilling industries.

The D-120 is powerful enough to handle large diameter hollow stem augers, yet versatile neough to drill efficiently on small auger, rotary and core jobs.

Diedrich d-120 Heavy Duty, High Torque, All-Purpose Drill Rig View More Information & Compare To Other Rigs Here!


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